Hallo-Wiener Poem

by: Cindy Leinwand

Have you ever heard of Hallo-weiner Day?
It’s a Halloween picnic for weiner dogs, where they all get to play.

They come dressed in costumes and ready to eat,
They serve hamburgers and hot dogs and all sorts of treats.

The dogs all wear costumes and we get to decide
Who’s the cutest, the most original and who wins the prize.
There was a spider and fairies and a hot dog on a bun,
There was a bride and groom in top hats, and a cow dog with a gun.

They have games such as who can run the fastest in the race,
My dogs ran backwards, back to the starting place.

My youngest dog Chase was a firedog one year
He let me take his picture, then he ripped off his gear.

My oldest dog Spice, she’ll come and she’ll play,
But she won’t wear a costume, not her – oh No Way!

  Then there’s my dog Sage, who makes lots of new friends
Especially those with cookies, she’s loyal to no end.

Sage is somewhat of a Diva, incase you couldn’t tell,
She wants you to rub her belly, and then feed her as well.
She goes from picnic blanket to picnic blanket and she should carry a sign
That reads “I’m hungry, please feed me, I haven’t got a dime.”

So Dachshunds enjoy Halloween on Hallo-weiner Day
As they humor us with costumes and have fun and play.